HBO, business model and multiplatform distribution

HBO, business model and multiplatform distribution is the title for my master degree final thesis.

cover for Francesco cucciniello's master thesis about HBO


In this work i try to understand broadcasters‘ future development, i chose to focus on HBO because of its special role in the american cultural industry. Since i’m speaking of television, in the work i follow and combine three main paths: contents, technology and audience studies.

In the first part i analyze the HBO brand, its story and business model; in the second chapter the focus is on the evolving strategies of the network, dictated by the transformation ensued form the post-network era, described by Amanda D. Lotz. The final part starts from an analysis of the growing occurrance of the cord-cutting in the american context and points out the new challenges for the broadcaster.

Here’s the index:


Chapter I – It’s not TV. It’s HBO.

  • The context. The U.S.’ TV ecosystem.
  • The history
  • The brand
  • The network and the proposal
  • Contents
  • Business model
  • HBO outside U.S.


Chapter II – HBO in the post-network era.

  • Intro
  • Re-thinking the audience relationship: fandom and piracy
  • Second-screen practices: HBO Connect
  • The service: HBO Go

Chapter III – Thinking outside the box.

  • Intro
  • HBO, cable companies and cord-cutting
  • HBO outside the “garden”
  • HBO vs. Netflix


The work is written in italian, if you are interested in know more, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

HBO, business model and multi-platform distribution


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