a disturbed picture of Francesco Cucciniello

Francesco is a disturbed person

Here is francesco cucciniello, born in 1988 in a little town in the district of Avellino. I’ve got a primary degree in communication and i’m about to get the master degree.  In this page i will upload various projects made without economical purpose, only for pure demonstration. If you like them, use and share them as you will, you’re free. Same thing for the articles and the other stuff i still don’t know i’m going to write.

Be honest, be creepy

if you want to contact me fracucci@gmail.com

Visualizza il profilo di francesco cucciniello su LinkedIn

Note. In the mobile version of this blog there are ads on the bottom of the page, i’m not against their presence because the service i’m using it’s free, but i wanted to report that i don’t get any money for that


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