American Horror Story: Horrorize Your Life

Fandom Is changing. Tv is changing. Networks need to understand audience’ passions and, possibly, anticipate them.

American Horror Story does this thing perfectly. Among all the genres, Horror is a very powerful one. Why do people like horror story? There are many reasons, everyone can be correct. I think the main reason is the desire to transform the reality, often really boring (i know, it’s a cinical point of view). People often tries to find the horror side out of normal situations. For example, i think the success of Instagram can be a signal, more than the social aspect of this success, i think the filters have the power to manipulate reality, and in most of the cases with instagram the photos get a dramatic and mysterious tone.

instagram filter

Apart from sociological reflections about people, my project has the purpose to give AHS a structure for several platforms where fans, and people in general, can express their creativity. Horrorize Your Life claims “life is boring, horrorize it”, so the challenge for the users is to find the horror aspect of their life and show what comes from their creativity. When people is free to make whatever they want they always surprise.

My idea came from two situations, 1) i was defrosting the fridge with a knife (ok, maybe it’s not the best way), i looked at myself, with the knife and the gloves, yeah, I WAS DEXTER! ( 2) i woke up and i look out the window, my vis-a-vis had onlyl white shirts drying, i thought it was very boring, here’s what came from my vis-a-vis window

So this is my transmedia project for AHS, the purpose is to give voice to people and play with the meanings in the margins of the story. The effect is unknown.


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