Grand Budapest Hotel

Grand Budapest Hotel is the brand new film by the world-famous director Wes Anderson. It’s the story of the same name hotel placed in the imaginary country of Zubrowka and the events occurring into.

Zubrowska film commission- a promo image for Grand Budapest Hotel, the new film by Wes Anderson

I’m a huge fan of Wes Anderson, as many other people, every details of his works fashinate me incredibly. His style is so clear everyone can recognize it immediately. I think that, at least since Fantastic Mr. Fox, he is trying to push the limit of his particoular aestethics.

In Gran Budapest Hotel, Wes has even created  Zubrowka, a fictional country in central Europe.

Akademie Zubrowska is a page that responds both the need to give more depth to this country, and fulfill the desire of fans for more content. In here, you can find some “lessons” about Zubrowka, with its history and culture; every element is, of course, related to the film.

the "lessons" on Akademie Zubrowska, from Grand Budapest Hotel

The design of the page is wonderful, like every element of Wes Anderson‘s films; therefore, production has also created a magnificent tumblr, Zubrowka Film Commissionin which you can find lots of gifs from the film.

I think these promotional activities work perfectly for Grand Budapest Hotel and for Wes Anderson itself. The director is, in fact, the real brand standing out from these productions and working to strengthen his relation with the fans, persuading them to continue going to theaters even before knowing about the film.

I know everyone who likes Wes Anderson will be extremely pleased by these pages and will be, at least, a little more charmed by his visonary talent and aestethics.

In here, you can find a nice interview to Annie Atkins, the designer responsible for every creation of the film.




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