Walking Dead and Hyundai, the best product placement ever?

Hyundai has renewed its collaboration with the franchise of The Walking Dead. The result is The Walking Dead Chop Shop and it might be a new frontier in the conception of product placement strategies.

The fourth season of The Walking Dead is coming in October so it’s time to start the buzz. In the second season Hyundai included the Tucson model into the story for a product placement i personally consider well done. If this happened in an italian series, in fact, someone would have simply said: “Oh Shane, you found a Hyundai? Great! I love this car….” and so on with comments like this and lots of framing on the brand. So i liked this p.p. because is not really intrusive.

The car brand also capitalized on the official page of Walking Dead on the A.M.C. site, which i suppose during the air of the show is heavily visited.

the special Hyundai Elantra, designed by Robert Kirkman

source: autoblog.com

Moreover, everyone knows the famous Elantra designed by Robert Kirkman and presented at the 2012 Comic-Con. Here there’s a full recap of the initiative, provided with videos, photos and articles related. Here you can also find all the features of the deadly car.

Do you remember that freaky show with Xzibit, Pimp my ride? Imagine the same thing during a zombie-apocalypse, would you prefer a powerful stereo or a machine-gun on the roof of your car? This is the starting point for The Walking Dead Chop Shopthat follows the path of Hyundai of promoting its products by merging them into the narrative context of the story. In the shop in fact you can buy the optionals that will help you to survive through hordes of hungry zombies. There are three different cars, everyone has their features, and it’s up to you to create the perfect balance for your car.

an image of a car created in the Walking Dead Chop Shop

source: theawesomer.com

The game is also available on mobile devices, and there are galleries with all the creations, and also charts for the better ones. Obviously you can share your creation with your contacts on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe for email updates.

In the end i think this is the perfect example for a new step into the relationship between contents and products promoted. A step in which is not the content to be folded, but is the product to be re-shaped.


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