Assassin’s Creed and Tumblr

For the launch of the fourth chapter of the Assassin’s Creed saga: Black Flag, Ubisoft has created a wonderful tumblr which travels through the world the game takes place.

Assassin’s Creed is a well known franchise in the world of videogames with an enormous fan-base very engaged with the product and the story, that is extremely rich of details. There’s also a site, the Assasin’s network, created for the fans to exploit the capabilities of the multiplayer mode. The networks is also reporting some statistics related to the game and the players.

some protagonist of the Assassin's Creed saga


The fourth chapter of the saga, available at the end of October 2013, is set in the Caribbean during the year 1715, considered the golden age of the piracy. There are already comics,  books, youtube mini-films, online games and also a real film with Michael Fassbender is expected for 2015. Liken to all these contents a simple Tumblr page may appear forgettable, but it works exactly to empower the fan-base and give them infos to base their stories on. Posts, in fact, concern about real characters or episodes happened during that period. They use gifs, illustration and links to wiki pages to give the fans details they will find really of the image from the tumblr of Assassins Creed: Black Flag


 The artwork of every illustration is extremely curated and fashinating. This work, like everyone from Campfire NYC (i’m in love with this agency) is beautiful and it fits perfectly into a greater strategy, made up by for this franchise, and also for Tumblr itself. David Karp, the founder of the service, in fact has always supported the idea to finance the platform not with ordinary advertising method, but with original contents created by companies. Nobody knows if his project will work, even after the recent acquisition by Yahoo!, but the example showed goes perfectly, and in a great way, in this direction.


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