Mario and Mtv on the run

Mtv Italia has recently launched a tv-series called “Mario” with the comedy star most loved by the italian people, especially the young men, Maccio Capotonda. His comedy is mostly made of word plays impossible to be translated, you’ll say “nothing new” and you’re right, but the final result is really funny.

The chance for Mtv of becoming the most discussed italian television channel was very high, so the broadcaster has decided to use an advertising strategy with both conventional and “more unconventional” ways. Next to classic promos on tv and the buzz on twitter and facebook (it’s 2013, we hope now they’re conventional) Mtv decided to broadcast this commercial

It’s an alienating commercial about a company called M corporation, specialized in things like creating radioactive waste and cancer cure and so on…

Strange enough to rouse a strong buzz on internet. Later m corporation has become the official sponsor of  Mario‘s tv promos, making the mistery clear. I’d say this is a perfect example of a teaser campaign. It was also created a web page in which there are some info about the company. Here the problems start to come, but i’ll explain it better later.

The story is about a news anchorman, Mario, whose channel has been sold to the nasty m corporation. During every episode there are some news based on the comic style of Maccio Capotonda and his crew. One of the best journalist of the Mtg (mario’s news) is Salvo Errori (in english would sound like “except mistakes”, but i know it has no sense) which page has been created on the Mtv official page.

I think the series is a great success because of what i can see from my facebook’newsfeed and my friends on the street.

In my opinion the problems are in the absence of spaces for fandom activitiesI do not mean fandom only to intend the user generated contents, but the whole activities of fans related with a brand; maybe it’s too much reductive for the ones that actually create starting by a story, but i think this is a difference in terms of level of engagement.

Maybe a blog of fake and funny news and a site with basic information is not really much for fans to work on, i mean, there is not something like a “level two” in which fans can go deeper into their contact with the series. The  opportunity for Mtv, and for the others broadcast to embody more unconventional strategy, was so big because of the assumptions of the series, a big comedy star at his top and the perfect broadcast because of the young audience and their presence on the web. I really hope there will be another season in which the broadcast and the creative departments will push harder on creating more contents for fans in order to make them spend more time with Mario and strengthen their engagement.


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