Walking Dead vs. Game of Thrones

as a huge fan of both Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead i’d like to report my personal impressions about the two related games on Facebook. I’m not much of a videogamer so beforehand please forgive me for unavoidable mistakes.

I’ll start with the most recent: Game Of Thrones Ascent.

cover of game of thrones ascent

The game has been launched less than a month ago, it’s still an open beta and has passed through many updates that about once in a day make the game unaccessible. I know it’s a common problem and it’s probably due to the incredible number of members but sometimes this is really frustrating.

This game belongs to the MMORPG category (if it’s not, once again forgive me), you manage the elements you choose step after step and this influences the path you’ll follow. In this sense the game is very effective to “enlarge” the horizon of the Tv series, in fact you follow the main story but you embody a small character, in the specific i chose to be a nobleman of House Stark, and with your own decision you become aware of the universe of game of thrones, in which the difference between good and evil is very slight and every little decision can make the difference.an image from Game Of Thrones ascent

Ok, now it’s the turn of what i don’t like of this game. First, the graphic. I think it’s too static and i think the gaming experience it’s not so much enjoyable .The style used makes so much the medieval atmosphere but it’s not really attractive, i would have preferred more like the style used in the dvd extras, but this is a personal consideration.

Another personal impression i have is that, in fact, it does not matter how much time i spend or how much i’m good at playing the game but if i do not pay for getting credits, i will be at too much of a disadvantage. Like i said, this is my personal impression and it’s the normality on the facebook games, but if  things work like this, i think the difference should be reduced, it’s also right that who pays gets more, but rewarding the abilities of good players will give so many motivations to players.

VOTE: 5/10. At now i’m not so much engaged with the game but it has been launched too recently so it will surely get better; in the end, we’re speaking about Game Of Thrones.

The Walking Dead Social Game

Now it’s the turn of The Walking Dead Social Game. This one was launched less than a year ago and it is also an open beta but the updatings are much rare even if more effective, so you have to get used to new features.

The latest one led the “social” experience of the game to an higher level, recovering the TV series claim “Fight the dead, fear the living”. Like i said, i do not play videogames so much, but this one fits perfectly to my needs. In fact you make very brief missions and there are not any kind of deadlines, you can play even just once in a week, or in a month, or you can play a whole day, it’s up to you.

Unlike Game of Thrones Ascent you can play freely without spending money, you pay only for getting extras like the tv missions or to buy the weapons of the tv series’ characters.

an image from The Walking Dead Social Game

The bad feature is that seems like you pass from mission to mission without getting to any crucial point.

VOTE: 7/10. Sometimes the game can be really frustrating, but now there’s also the “player versus player” mode that makes the game more spicy.

So my final endorsment goes to this second game, but i’ m sure Ascent is going to improve a lot to make the rivalry more fierce. I know it is very difficult but it would be very interesting if the results of the online games will ever affect the tv series.

Please let me know your opinion about my analisys and what do you think about the games, which one do you prefer?


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