Storytelling? bitch please! We want Carosello!

Unconfirmed reports (me) suggest an average italian student of communication undergoes at least ten lessons about Carosello in his academic career.

Carosello was the strange format created by the italian managers of the newborn RAI for the outset of advertising on television. “After Carosello we used to sleep” is the phrase any parents say.

The ’50s were the years Italy developed in production and consumption. Catholic party was the main one and they made their influence on television very urgent. So managers made everything they could in order to compound the need of introducing commercials on tv without push too much on “an american way of life”. Carosello commercials were not of the type we’re now used to, they were far longer than 30 seconds, a single spot could last more than 4 minutes, in which only the last 30” could carry the real commercial proposal. The following is maybe the most famous one ever, if you can understand italian you’ll notice that the story and the product are completely unrelated, and this was the commercials common way.

Rai announced the riproposal of Carosello in a new format that, at now, has been only revealed to advertisers.

I would just forget reality and reflect about what could be the possibility after this change that could be a step back for advertising in Italy, but also a great opportunity for starting the change needed into an area (italian advertising) where the process of renovation is very slow (in fact like almost ewerything in this country). Unconventional marketing, transmedia storytelling and user experiencing care are limited phenomena in Italy, with a great chance of growth.

The latest trend in advertising is storytelling, many are using the principles given by the meeting of transmedia storytelling techniques and unconventional marketing, and every brand is looking for a story to tell and engage more and more fans into a great narration. From this point of view Carosello can offer a good model because of the lenght, that can help advertisers even to express their creativity at their best. The first example that comes to my mind is a spot produced several years ago from Chanel

This is also an example of the incredible potential many companies can use to promote their campaign. For me one of the positive feature of this change could be the  breakdown of the “entering ticket” that obstructs the possibilities for smaller companies to make advertising on television.

Last time i spoke about “The North Face” ; what i’m thinking about (and i really hope to) is many companies that will make cheaper commercials but tied to strategy of integrated communication. Commercials will work, in this way, as an invite (maybe a bait because of the way many companies consider their customers) for audience to explore the world created. I’m speaking about the possibilities offered by transmedia storytelling to convoy different contents. From this point of view even just one transition on tv could mean a great opportunity for visibility and take more advantage of the word of mouth effect.

the walking dead commercial during the Super Bowl

What comes to my mind is The Super Bowl. Every year everyone involved in media is expecting this event to be a showcase for the future trend of advertising. Commercials during the super bowl are a show themselves, people, in a certain sense, recovers appeal and curiosity towards advertising. Carosello, playing down, could work in this direction.

I truly believe the future of advertising is in the techniques of transmedia storytelling and unconventional marketing, only working on these features, and on the quantitative reduction of advertising, i think is possible to restrain the “marketing reflex” and try to restore a positive (i do not mean “positive” in the sense of “consuming more”) relationship between people and companies.


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