The North Face

Since Chris Anderson, and his theory of The Long Tail, made the change explicit, the relation between brand and marketing has continued to evolve.

a graph that shows the theory of the long tail by Chris Anderson

the long tail by Chris Anderson

Everyone knows the incredible way of Red Bull to increase the power of the brand. The exploit of Felix Baumgartner has completely draw the attention of whom, like myself, is interested in unconventional marketing. Somehow Red Bull will be able to monetize even with people like me, who totally hates its drink.

I’d like to report another example that is not pushing so much on the imagination but is more concrete, because it is merely focused on supporting and exalting the qualities of the products.

I’m speaking of The North Face, the popular producer of clothes for extreme and winter condition.

a map that shows all the expedition sponsored by the north face

the expedition map

In order to prove the efficiency of the products in fact, the brand sponsors a large number of initiatives and expedition all over the world. You can see the main information and the progress on a map and click on which interest you the most (it’s also a good way to learn more about geography). The most important ones are provided with statistics, images and much more.

This strategy is perfect to show us how the marketplace is evolving and how brands are facing this challenge. The path is clear, the basic idea is to provide contents that are directly related to the symbolic universe of products. In the specific this is so powerful for customers because pushes on their spirit of adventure.

The benefits deriving by this strategy are much and powerful, The North Face tells stories that can be spreaded on every level of the long tail model, also intercepting micro-target so much engaged with the universe of reference. Farther the relation between products and activities is natural, which gives more strenght to the message.


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