Transmedia and Politics

The most wished battle for 10 years at least by half of the italian people happened on wednesday, 10th 2013.

The contenders were Silvio Berlusconi, the most hylarious clown politics ever met and Michele Santoro, the most pissed off by “Papi” among the journalist. Who is the loser? The political talk show. In fact, more than 8 millions of people witnessed three hours of useless speech, without any kind of content except bullshit and offenses, the real apotheosis of twenty years of berlusconism.

will berlusconi leave the episode of servizio pubblico?

will berlusconi leave the episode of servizio pubblico?

On the last season Santoro made a sort of revolution for the italian television system. After he got fired from Rai he made crowdfounding in order to produce his new program, Servizio Pubblico (public service, what Rai is supposed to do). The program was then broadcasted by sites of newspaper, live streaming on youtube, and many local tvs. In my opinion the program is a total failure because it is not shaped on the internet, even if most of the users saw it online. This year the program migrated on La7, the “almost-third pole” of the italian television system, a channel that is mainly focused on the information. Nothing has changed in the structure of Servizio Pubblico.

Is it possible that such an important TV genre stopped the evolution of its language? If we get on with the idea of a program as a story, maybe we can assume transmedia as the answer. My main problem with this kind of information program starts with a basic consideration that is: yeah, this is very interesting i’d like to know more about this topic. I don’t think it is recommended for programs to raise questions that, in the best scenario,  will be with no answers for an entire week. To use a term from  the so-well-known transmedia, this is the negative capability, that is, in few words, the informations left behind. The audience should be provided with datas and details about the topic, fact checking should be made on real time….

“servizio pubblico”‘s political target is mainly on the left, this poll is asking, in 2011, if Berlusconi should leave the government or should act rapidly. Which one do you think would be the answer?

Second screen devices and social tv were among the buzzwords of 2012. Is it so difficult to imagine of auxiliary contents to help people’s understanding?. Writers and producers use transmedial approach  to engage more people, they appeal the audience asking their opinion or making them vote, they want to join the conversation, but my personal impression is that they’re losing the sight of their informative features meanwhile they’re forgetting that an engaged audience may be normal people that is truly understanding the meaning of what he sees.


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