Other 4Ps for marketing mix

(this post is, of course, ironic, but maybe is not so far from the reality)

everyone who is involved in a certain way in marketing or advertising is forced to know the importance of the so-called “4p of the marketing mix”, but are they really so much important in the actual contest? Of course they are and this will be also in the future, but, as everything after the birth of the net, they need to be reconsidered and updated.

the 4 p of the marketing mix: price, place, promotion and product

the marketing mix

In this era we are witnessing the multiple attempts of industries to enter into the social life of people, not only their customers; in my opinion, even if i am no-one to say that, this are partially, or entirely wrong.

I already spoke about the last campaign on social media by Procter & Gamble ( here http://bit.ly/V8su8M ) and this is what i can spot as the main strategy: trying to invade every place where customers are. I’m not against social media marketing and i truly believe that the relationship between industry and custumers can be peaceful and positive so here are my 4p of marketing, my recipes for the basics of a new connection:

Patate, Pepaini, Puorco e Pane.

If you’re not from my hometown the meanings is: potatoes, capsicum (is that right?), pork meat, and bread. I can assure you it’s really delicious and it’s really easy to do; just cut then put everything (except the bread, you’ll use to clean the plate) in a rotate. Flavor with oil and salt by pleasure and let it bake. Once it is ready and served, take the bread and drink red wine (possibly an Aglianico or Taurasi, from my homeland, Irpinia), you will not regret.

an exposition of red wines from Irpinia

red wines from Irpinia

I’m not a cook, i can’t give an exact recipe, only the experience will help you in the “wonderful art of cooking the 4Ps” but i know that people get well with a plate of this and a glass of wine on their table; so the point here is: invite your customers to dinner, try to really know them.


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