The hidden potential of the radio

We are witnessing a revolution in the way we consume cultural products, and there are many reasons to say this, my favourite one is: transmedia. This one word for me can summarize many phenomenas, like the growing importance of second screen device. Another keyword of this year has been “social tv”. In few words we started to notice that people speaks about what he sees. At the center of everything stays television.

Seems very natural to believe in the close relationship between tv and transmedia as the most powerful one and maybe it’s for real, because there’s a lot of potential and we can’t know how things are going to be even in very short period of time from now. Among all this noise there’s one medium whose revolution has gone undersilent: Radio.

Radio has been revolutionized many times in order to not disappear. I would say that the main feature of radio is its agility, it can fit so well into all the “interstitial” aspects of life. Today we have always a radio with ourselves and there’s a radio station for every situation. The quantity of attention paid to radio can easily change, but when you listen to radio you can make a lot of other things.

the mobile game

Look at this game, it’s called “Zombies, Run!”(, in few words you got zombies on your back and you have to run in the real world. This game revoluzionises a normal activity like running and creates a game around it (it’s gamification at the top). Now think about the infinite possibilities that radio could have in developing contents and spread them. Think about Shazam and about its technology and how this could be used as a marketing tool, and think about the fact that you have a radio with you all time.

If you know some examples report them to me, or leave a comment


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