Corporate-storytelling and content curation

it’s such a shame for me having not spoken in depth of The Walking Dead on this blog yet, so i’ll start this post from it.

We can say that at the end of every episode i still have the urgency to spend more time with The Walking Dead, it doesn’t matter how. Most of the time i play with the Walking Dead Social Game on facebook, i make the quiz on the official page; but even if Walking Dead, and the AMC in general, are maybe the most active (maybe only Game of Thrones can surpass it)  in giving extra-content via web or other devices sometimes i think it’s not enough and i want more.

make-up effect for Walking Dead

on the set of Walking Dead

As a fan i feel the need to be in contact with the procucts i’m in love with, and as a fan i would like to “hear” their voices. Maybe it’s not so far in the future the time we’ll be in constant contact with “brands” but i think even now there’s plenty of possibility to enlarge the universe of brand and let them be more like people.

It’s recent the news of the restyling of the site of Coca-Cola, somebody calls it “corporate storytelling” and it’s early to say if it’s gonna work (but i think it will) but, in few words, what Coca-cola has done: they transformed their site into a curator of content connected to the brand.

Recently i made this project for American Horror Story( you can find it here: with its limit the concept is the same.

For people is plenty of tools everyone can use to be a content curator, there’s, there’s Tumblr (not for mentioning every kind of blog), there’s pinterest and my cue ball: Redux.

a redux page

a redux page

Everyone knows about the turning point television is at; Redux is the perfect way you can became a channel curator and socialize it. It’s what even youtube is trying to do, but for dark reasons, on youtube social aspects work in strange ways.

I think for brands, platforms like these can be a great resources, if they can solve the legal aspects connected with.


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