How much does it weigh a “like”?

An introduction of compulsory: this post has no intention of being a debate about globalization or multunationals.

Yesterday i was as usually wasting time on Facebook, whyle something got my attention. One of my contacts (they call it “friends”) curiosly liked a page i never expected from her, because she’s one of who in Italy is called “zecca”, a people which political orientation is left (sometimes they dare to define themselves “communist”), they are no-global and protest against the “system”. I don’t want to make a bad portrait of them because i got my own “zecch-ness” too, i’m just ironic. Specifically the page i’m talking about is Procter & Gamble’s italian facebook page.the p&g's italian official facebook page

Once again, i don’t want to make a debate about their politics and everything is related with globalization or stuff like that, i’ m just trying to understand how one of the greatest world multinationl industry think and considers his clients. The claim on the cover says: “Together we have donated 45.418.145 vaccines. help us to do more”. This page is part of a greater initiative called “goodness mission” ( in collaboration with the Unicef. In few words on the page are uploaded photos as the one that follows. For every “like” they’re going to donate a vaccine, every “sharing”  donates even three of the photos of "missione bontà"As the insights of the page clearly say the initiative has generated an incredible growth in the number of the conversation related to the page. It’s obvious, everyone wants to vanquish the childish tetanus, even if it means to go against his principles, anyway it’s only a “like”, who cares?

Apart from the pathetical tone of voice of this campaign, but maybe i’m not the specific target, so nobody cares if i don’t like it; my personal problem with this campaign is that i can’t notice a change in the tone of the communication changed by this company, the channels are changed, yes, it’s a good use of the virality and the spreadability of social medias, but does this campaign direct to a new idea of consumer?  I don’t think it is, my impression is that they’re only aiming at the “2.0 consumer of soap operas”. I’m not complaining, in the end “they” will be the ones to give me a job, the point is that internet has completely changed the logics at the base of human relationships, not only the channels and if you don’t understand, maybe you won’t completely fall, but sooner or later you’re going to pay for your presuntion and for understimating people.

adbusters against procter & gamble

If i wanted to make a political post i could have asked you “how much does a life cost for you? a like?”, but i won’t.


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